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Behind the Panel: Patrick Gleason on Superman's adventures as a father

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Aug 13, 2018

Superman has been enjoying a creative resurgence since DC Rebirth began in 2016. Patrick Gleason has been at the forefront of the Man of Steel's return to form as an artist and the co-writer of Superman alongside Peter J. Tomasi. Gleason has even stayed with the franchise as the new artist of Action Comics now that Brian Michael Bendis has taken over the writing duties.

In the latest installment of SYFY WIRE's Behind the Panel, we spoke with Gleason about why reestablishing Superman as husband and a father went a long way towards driving his stories further than before.

"At the core, we had this really new angle for Superman," explained Gleason. "He's married to Lois Lane [and] they have a son, Jon, who in our story becomes Superboy. The story took shape and centered around this family. What we got was classic Superman stories but told through different lenses; which, in my mind, was through Jon... It's in the first time we see Jon in Superman #1 and he says 'My dad is Superman.' That really set the tone for what we were doing, which was a family book."

Gleason also touched upon the return of Superman's red trunks, which had been eliminated from his costume a few years before for the 2011 New 52 reboot. Gleason shared the reasons he believes the trunks are essential to Superman both for aesthetic reasons and for "modesty."

Additionally, Gleason recalled how he broke into the comic business alongside another creator who has gone on to great things before finding a home at DC Comics. For more details, you can watch the entire video!

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