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Behind the Panel: Rick Remender on his Deadly Class adaptation for SYFY

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Sep 24, 2018

Nobody spins an epic yarn like writer Rick Remender, whose decade-rocketing rise in the comics industry has been nothing short of meteoric. The wordsmith behind such acclaimed creator-owned titles as Image's Black Science, Fear Agent, and Tokyo Ghost , Marvel's Uncanny X-Men and Rage of Ultron, and the colossal robot series for Dark Horse, Gigantic, always has a bounty of intriguing projects simmering on the creative stove at any given moment.


Hollywood is finally catching on and Remender's assassin school thriller, Deadly Class, was recently adapted into a Russo Brothers TV series for SYFY debuting in 2019, and Image's addictive space opera title Seven To Eternity with artist Jerome Opena might be close behind.

Solid storytelling and a fertile imagination are some of the Los Angeles-based writer's hallmarks and he injects each new work with an impressive dedicated professionalism.

deadly class

Last year, Remender launched Giant Generator, a new creative think tank which will act as an umbrella for all his creator-owned books and projects, along with prospective movies, TV shows, and merchandise associated with them.

SYFY WIRE sat down with Remender to chat about Deadly Class and an '80s-era we might not have seen before, the rare privilege of having his and Wes Craig's hardcore mashup series adapted, being hands-on in the show's writing and development, and working for the small screen versus the comics industry.

Additional material by Jeff Spry.

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