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Behind the Panel: Sara Richard on The Ghost, The Owl, Jem covers, and making toys for Hasbro

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Apr 19, 2021, 10:50 AM EDT (Updated)

This week, Action Lab Comics is releasing The Ghost, The Owl, Sara Richard's new original hardcover in collaboration with Franco. It's a rare opportunity to see Richard's interior artwork, and it's visually stunning with a unique story as well. In our exclusive interview, SYFY WIRE's Mike Avila is taking fans Behind the Panel in this spotlight on Richard's newest project and a few of her previous comics and toys as well.

Within the video, Richard tells us why she still prefers making traditional art and offers her dream casting choices for the title characters in The Ghost, The Owl. Richard cited her love for scary stories as a child, and the inherent challenge of keeping her new tale kid friendly without losing some of its edge.

Richard also talks about a few of her anime and manga favorites which influenced her style, as well as her particular love for Joe Madureira's run on Uncanny X-Men. Long before she got her start in comics, Richard began her artistic career as a sculptor for Hasbro. She happily shared a few of those memories with us, including work on a Baroness exclusive from G.I. Joe, a Spider-Man villain, and Marvel's Reptil. If Richard had her way, a fan-favorite character from the Savage Land would have also been a part of Marvel's Super Hero Squad action figures. 

While Richard's Jurassic Park toys won't see the light of day, she shared her pitch for Jurassic World comics, as well as a look at her Jem covers and Ghostbusters covers, and a Ghostbusters short story starring one of her favorites.

The Ghost, The Owl will be in comic book stores this Wednesday, April 25. But you can watch the full interview right now!

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