Behind the Panel: Scott Snyder on Dark Nights: Metal, Bad Baby Darkseid, and Batman Who Laughs

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Dec 28, 2017, 5:03 PM EST (Updated)

It's good to be Scott Snyder these days, being the chief architect behind DC's smash Dark Nights: Metal mini-series with Greg Capullo this year, and the man behind the curtain of instant classics over the recent past, like The Wake, Superman: Unchained, Batman: Black Mirror, and Wytches.

Dark Nights: Metal is just entering its fourth issue tomorrow and will conclude in March of 2018, so there's plenty of time to punch your first-class ticket on the Dark Multiverse crazy train!


No one in recent memory has been so closely associated with the Batman mythos, and SYFY WIRE recently had a chat with Snyder about this insane new comic odyssey, and the origins behind the epic Caped Crusader project.

Listen in as Snyder reveals what's coming in the last three Dark Nights: Metal issues, as well as his favorite moments in the series so far, including Batman pulling Baby Darkseid out of a bag, Justice League Voltron, Batman taking a wild ride atop a dinosaur, The Batman Who Laughs, and other kooky incarnations in this absurdly entertaining exploration of the nefarious corners of the DC Universe.

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