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Behind the Panel: Todd Nauck on creating Young Justice and drawing teenagers

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May 22, 2018, 6:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Artist Todd Nauck has been steadily working in the world of comics for more than two decades, getting his start with Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios at Image Comics. Most comic book fans know him from his characteristic art style, which has been featured in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-ManDoctor Who, and Wildguard, his own creation published by Image.

However, the work he is best known for is, without a doubt, Young Justice, which he co-created with writer Todd DeZago before Peter David came on board as the ongoing writer. First published in September of 1998, the title ran for 56 issues, ending its run in November of 2003. The comic was even the basis for the animated cartoon series of the same name, which aired for two seasons on The Cartoon Network. A third season titled Young Justice: Outsiders is slated to air on DC's digital platform, DC Universe, sometime in 2018.

Young Justice was created to fill the gap left by the Teen Titans, who had become adults and changed their name to the Titans. The team was centered on three teen superheroes: Superboy, Robin, and Impulse, but also featured other teenaged superheroes such as Wonder Girl, Captain Marvel Jr., Beast Boy, and Batgirl.

SYFY WIRE recently sat down with Nauck for our latest installment of Behind the Panel. The artist opened up about the creation of the young Justice League team, revealing that he was one of five artists in the running for the title at the time (which was originally titled Justice League Jr.).

Nauck described working with David, dusting off and revamping the Wonder Twins, and bringing The Ray in as a character. He also touched upon his love of comic book stories featuring young or teenaged characters, such as the New Mutants and Power Pack, and his intention of drawing teenagers and not small adults. Later in the video, Nauck discussed the way in which he approaches his compositions, explained his gateway into comics, and more.

There’s definitely a lot to unpack in this fascinating interview with Todd Nauck, so check it out, then let us know what you think!

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