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Behind the Panel: Tom King on how Batman will end, Mister Miracle, and the Bat-Cat marriage

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Jan 17, 2020, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

This Wednesday, July 4, Batman #50 will feature the culmination of the Batman and Catwoman wedding storyline. Unfortunately, someone at DC jumped the gun by letting the spoilers out ahead of time. For full enjoyment, we strongly suggest that you wait for the issue to come out.

If it ends up that you're not satisfied with the outcome, Batman writer Tom King wants you to know that this is far from the end. SYFY WIRE recently caught up with King, who shared his ambition to write exactly 103 issues of Batman ... and by the end of this month he will be halfway to his goal.

As King notes in the video, Batman has been around for the better part of eight decades and almost every conceivable story has been done before. For his Batman run, King decided to examine the question of whether Bruce Wayne can be happy and continue to be Batman at the same time. Or must Bruce continue to suffer emotional turmoil in order to remain one of the world's greatest superheroes?

King also told us about his recent story in DC Nation #0, which put a spotlight on the Joker and his particular brand of insanity. According to King, one of the reasons that the Joker is so terrifying is that he has no motivation that drives his actions forward. Literally no one is safe when the Joker is around.

Finally, King spoke about his critically acclaimed Mister Miracle miniseries with artist Mitch Gerads which has redefined Jack Kirby's classic creation.

Watch below for the entire inside scoop from King!

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