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Once more, with feeling: Go behind the scenes of Celine Dion's Deadpool 2 music video

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May 9, 2018, 12:21 PM EDT (Updated)

Not only do we get a Celine Dion music video for the upcoming Deadpool 2, but now we have a behind-the-scenes featurette to go with it.

The creative minds behind the film are really spoiling us, and with Wade as our unreliable guide, we discover how the project came together. For instance, he asserts that the real Celine Dion was not available for the video and a hologram had to be used. It had nothing to do with scheduling conflicts, though. "A restraining order's a restraining order," Deadpool cracks.

And if you were wondering how he became so nimble for the dancing moments, well, he had a few bones and part of his spine removed. Don't worry, they'll grow back... hopefully. "I haven't done any dancing since I moved down from Canada in '98," continues the Merc. "I need to really up my game here."  

While it's definitely Ryan Reynolds who mouths off in both videos, he didn't do any of the dance moves. The actor revealed via Instagram that professional French dancer Yanis Marshall was responsible for the elegant and graceful pirouettes you see onstage while Dion belts out the lyrics to "Ashes." 

Deadpool 2, directed by David Leitch, bows in theaters May 18. While Dion's song is family-friendly, the rest of the movie's soundtrack is certainly not. With track names such as “Holy S***balls” and “You Can’t Stop This Mother F***er,” the score received Hollywood's first-ever Parental Advisory