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Behold the first images of the Red Planet sent back from India's Mars spacecraft

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Sep 25, 2014, 6:17 PM EDT

It was just the other day that India’s Mangalyaan spacecraft arrived in orbit around Mars to explore the atmosphere of the Red Planet — and now the low-cost project is already sending back some stunning pictures of our celestial neighbor.

While the craft ramps up its six-month survey of Mars, the folks in the control room have been receiving some positively stunning pics from above the planet. Like, absolutely gorgeous stuff.

The Mangalyaan project marks India’s first Mars space project, and up to this point it’s been a total success. The mission aims to study the planet’s surface and atmosphere, and the country managed to pull the whole thing off for a cool $74 million — not bad, as far as space explorations are concerned. 

One shot shows the pockmarked face of the planet, while another (wider) shot makes us long to visit the Martian horizon ourselves. If you’re looking to feel inspired this week, you could do a whole lot worse than this:

(Via io9)