Behold the first officially licensed Star Trek beer: Vulcan Ale

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May 23, 2013, 5:47 PM EDT (Updated)

Now you can finally get drunk like a true Trekkie.

Star Trek merchandising is a massive field of products ranging from action figures to bathrobes to pizza cutters, but until now the (mostly) family-friendly franchise had steered away from adult beverages. Not anymore. Courtesy of Canadian beer importer Delancey Direct and the Harvest Moon Brewing Company, we've now got Vulcan Ale. 

Originally conceived to celebrate the centennial of Canadian town (and Trekkie pilgrimage site) Vulcan, Alberta, the 5.4 ABV Irish Red Ale is now the first in a planned series of Trek-themed beers Delancey is planning in partnership with CBS Studios.

“In Star Trek mythology, the planet Vulcan is a red planet,” Delancey project manager Richard Weger said. “Thus, an Irish Red would be the logical choice.”

According to Weger, the company is planning various "seasons" of Star Trek beer releases, with each production year representing a "season" and every beer produced in that season representing an "episode," with three to five episodes planned for each season.

“Vulcan Ale is Episode One, a Klingon beer will be Episode Two, and a third beer yet to be announced will be Episode Three," Weger said about the first season of beers. 

“We also hope to release a series of limited beers throughout the seasons as well. It will all fall under the ‘Federation of Beers’ banner. Romulan Ale, for example, will likely be released next year as part of the ‘Season Two’ production,”

Unfortunately, Vulcan Ale and the other forthcoming Federation of Beers brews are only available in Canada at the moment. But if you're an American Trekkie, just be patient. Weger said Vulcan Ale and the other Trek beers should be in the States by next year, "if the stars align."

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