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Dec 16, 2015

Greetings, programs!

Since we relaunched the site in July of this year, we've been having a blast (see what I did there?) taking a journey through all the amazing things that are happening in the worlds of science fiction, fantasy and supernatural horror. But something has been just off, and after a full scan with the sonic sunglasses, we came to the conclusion that the tingling sensation we were feeling was a need to give our mobile app an overhaul, both to bring it up to speed with the features of the new site and to bring it to the present level of mobile technology.

Now, the great work is done, and I'm pleased to present Blastr's brand-new mobile app, which has been rebuilt from the ground up. It has a bunch of new features that you'll find listed below, including easier sharing, better comments and the ability to save stories for offline viewing. We're pretty into it, and we're hoping you will be, too.

Check out what's new below:

•    New design — Not only does the app have a whole new look, but it’s also easier to find and save all our content.
•    Trending Topics – Monitor the pulse of sci-fi pop culture and see what topics are currently most popular on Blastr.
•    Search – Search functionality means you can instantly find the content you are looking for.
•    Format Text – Adjust the size of your text and display settings to match your preferences.
•    Speed Reading – An entirely new way to absorb Blastr content. Read stories rapidly by assimilating several phrases or sentences at once.
•    User Profile — Sign in with either your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts to create your user profile where you can:
   Bookmark Stories – Save stories to your user profile for quick access and offline reading.
   Follow Comments – Follow a conversation or post, and the app will notify you via the user profile when new comments are added. 
   Follow Topics – Only care about Star Wars? Now you can subscribe to specific topics. The app will notify you via the user profile every time a new story has been added to that topic.
•    Apple Watch Support – Get Blastr on the go with Blastr’s Watch! Check out the latest articles headlines and bookmark them for viewing in the app.
•    Overall Performance Enhancements — Better. Faster. Stronger


We are aware there are some wrinkles to iron out (including landscape mode support), and we'll have top men working on it but, in the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy this upgrade.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. After our relaunch, some of the feedback we received inidcated that some readers of our browser experience prefer digesting our stories in a purely chronological format. To help feed that hunger, we've created an alternate blog view for those who want to see only the latest posts. You can access that by clicking here, or on the "Blog View" link in the "Latest News" column.

Thank you all for your continued patronage of Blastr -- we have big plans for the coming year, and we're psyched that we get to share them with fellow fans.

Click here to get the new Blastr app for iOS.

Click here to get the new Blastr app for Android.

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