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Behold Stefano Valentini's horrifying handiwork in new The Evil Within 2 trailer

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Aug 21, 2017

The Evil Within 2, Bethesda Softworks' upcoming sequel to the Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) directed 2014 horror game, The Evil Within, is set to invade someone's nightmares, as you can see in the gaming publisher's disturbing new trailer below.

In this frightening follow-up to the hit survival horror title, ex-detective Sebastian Castellanos must infiltrate the nightmarish dimension of Union to rescue his daughter, Lily, and halt the heinous deeds of the evil Mobius Corporation.

Are there no wholesome, goodnatured companies left in this world?

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This latest preview centers on one of the game's most twisted new villains, Stefano Valentini, and the origins of his demented state.

Here's his official description:

Not only will Sebastian have to contend with the myriad horrific creatures waiting for him in The Evil Within 2, he’ll also have to deal with the human “monsters” who have made their way into the new STEM world. Wretched creatures like Stefano Valentini, an artist with dark proclivities and unbounded imagination. You’ll see examples of his work scattered throughout Union – from grisly photographs of his victims, to the “moment of death” tableaus he creates, capturing the last seconds of a person’s life in a tangible, looping scene. Learn more about the man behind the art in the latest story trailer for The Evil Within 2.

After losing his eye in an explosion during his time as a war photographer, Stefano rapidly descended into madness. His newfound “vision” drove him to become fascinated by the precise instant when death takes a person – that split second in time when people are, in his opinion, at their most open and most beautiful. Stefano returned home from the war with a newfound purpose. But he wouldn’t wait for these perfect moments to arise on their own. Why should he, when he could orchestrate those final breaths?

The Evil Within 2 arrives Friday, October 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Will you be playing?

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