Behold the abominations in 10 Alien: Covenant creature concept art images

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:13 AM EDT (Updated)

Alien: Covenant showcases a monstrous menagerie of some of the most disturbing creatures ever seen in the entire Alien anthology. Much of the evolution of the nasty neomorphs came from exhaustive pre-production meetings, design sessions and commissioned concept art from a small army of illustrators and artists.

Check out this crazy collection of images by artist Carlos Huante (Prometheus, Hellboy, The Mummy), presenting many of his original artworks for the Ridley Scott production team, generated over the course of many months. Some of these unsettling designs are beautifully beastly, displaying the hybrid horrors of a deliciously twisted imagination, with goblin shark, crocodile, horned lizard and insectoid influences in many of the creatures. There's also a couple shots of some of David's lab-experiment pets to complete this freakish family of absurd beings.

Have a look and tell us which of these ghastly mutant aliens you would have loved to see on screen.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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