Behold the bewitching magic of 22 fantastic Doctor Strange fan posters

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Poster Posse is the amazing online fan art collective that celebrates the finest cinematic sensations in geeky gatherings of unprecedented imagination, and they've set their latest sights on the psychedelic sensibilities of Marvel's Doctor Strange.  With the Scott Derrickson-directed superhero flick getting great reviews in its initial screenings and the air crackling with anticipation of its Nov. 4 release, here's the perfect primer to indoctrinate yourself into the interdimensional insanity of the Master of the Mystic Arts' unreal realms.  

By the Mystic Moons of Munnapor, summon yourself into the first three waves of posters depicting the Sorcerer Supreme caught in some mesmerizing instances of conjuration by artists like Matt Needle, Kaz Oomori, Vincent Aseo, John Aslarona, Orlando Arocena, The Dark Inker, Mike Mahle and many more.

Slip into the quantum stream in the gallery below and tell us which ones cast a lasting spell on you.