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Behold the glorious (Lucasfilm approved!) fan-made remake of Empire Strikes Back

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Oct 13, 2014

What happens when hundreds of Star Wars fans come together to create a shot-for-shot remake of The Empire Strikes Back? This absolutely insane geek experiment.

Dubbed The Empire Strikes Back Uncut, the feature-length fan film was spliced together from 480 fan-made segments culled from more than 1,500 submissions. It includes dozens of different media, blending animation, live action, stop-motion, cardboard props, action figures and everything in between. It’s insanely ambitious, and hilarious to watch.

The project has also been embraced by Lucasfilm, with the official Star Wars website saying it has a “wonderful homemade charm” that “stands as an affectionate tribute to The Empire Strikes Back, and is a testament to the talent, imagination, and dedication of Star Wars fans.” We’d have to agree.

If you’re looking for some throwback Star Wars love with a medium-busting twist, this fan film is hard to beat:

(Via Reddit, Star Wars)

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