Behold the secret Mad Max 2 museum hidden deep in the Australian Outback

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Sep 5, 2014

Journey deep enough into the Australian Outback and you’ll run across a surprisingly cool museum dedicated to one of the wildest action flicks in genre history. You just have to find it.

The folks over at Vice have an intriguing interview with hardcore Mad Max 2 fan Adrian Bennett, who journeyed to the Outback, bought some property and created a full-size museum in honor of the 1981 post-apocalyptic classic. In the middle of the Australian Outback, where the movies were filmed. We don’t know if he’s ever been there, but you’d think George Miller would be proud.

The place is loaded with Mad Max goodies, ranging from a full-size re-creation of Max’s Interceptor and numerous original props and pics from the franchise. One of his most prized exhibits from the film? “The original boomerang and music box that the feral kid had in the movie.” Yeah, we have to admit that’s pretty cool.

Here’s an excerpt from Bennett’s interview with Vice, in which he explains why he opened the museum:

“The idea for the museum came after my first visit, when to my surprise there was absolutely nothing to pay homage to Mad Max 2, let alone all the other movies filmed in the region. After all, this was supposed to be the Hollywood of the Outback, but there wasn't anything from any of the movies that gave you any indication that big movies were filmed here. We're talking about the biggest movie Australia has ever produced, the movie that shook Hollywood up, the movie that put Australia on the map. But no, not one thing. So I decided it was my destiny to build a museum dedicated to Mad Max 2.”

The full interview is well worth a read, and a fascinating peek into true, unadulterated fandom at its best. If you’re ever wandering the Outback, there are much worse ways to kill an afternoon.

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