Behold these 24 exquisite space models of exoplanets and exomoons

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:15 AM EDT (Updated)

Ready for a breathtaking trip into the eternity of the cosmos?

Toronto filmmaker, photographer and expert modelmaker Adam Makarenko is the wizard behind these stunning exoplanet images, featuring imaginary worlds, outer space vistas, mysterious alien landscapes and heavenly bodies spinning in the dark, infinite void.  

Makarenko creates intricately-detailed models of the fictitious planets, moons and moonlets and combines them with digital photography to conjure up dozens of stellar images that inspire and impress with their vivid depiction of a chilling, impartial universe.  

Now if we could just get a few cruising starships added to the imagery!  

Here's a studio video detailing the exhaustive build and research process involved in capturing these provocative photos:

Check out Makarenko's monumental hand-made miniatures in the full gallery below and drift off into your own deep space odyssey.

(Via io9)