Behold this striking new panoramic view from NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover

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Feb 2, 2018, 9:31 AM EST

Think you've got an inspiring view from your vacation home deck or beach hut? NASA's little Mars Curiosity Rover has your vista beat with an out-of-this-world observation point straight from a smooth ridge on the Red Planet.

The intrepid roaming probe has been steadily inching its way to the northern pinnacle of the mountainous Vera Rubin Ridge for the past few months and while taking a deserved breather, snapped a series of breathtaking shots that encompassed the terrain it's traversed since plopping down the planet's surface back in 2012. From this lofty position, Curiosity has wandered eleven miles from its original landing spot.


These 16 stunning photos above were captured with Curiosity's wide-angle Mastcam lens on October 25, 2017 from an elevation of 1,073 feet. NASA spliced the shots together into a mesmerizing composite image and video that deliver a silent sense of the expansive majesty of Mars. To allow for a more detailed portrayal of the Martian topography, NASA adjusted white-balances to give the rocks a more natural look as if viewed under daylight conditions on Earth.


Credit: NASA/JPL

And on January 23, the rover took a sweet selfie in the foreground of the clay-rich slope that scientists are anxious to start exploring in the coming weeks. The north and south rims of Gale Crater flank this far-out image, with the 15,000-foot Mount Sharp poking up in the far distance.


Credit: NASA/JPL

What do you think of the Red Planet's serene scenery and how does it compare to the most spectacular views back here on Earth?