Behold your first look at horror-comedy series Snatchers

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Jun 13, 2017, 11:22 AM EDT

Of all the subgenres of horror out there (slasher, supernatural, etc.), my absolute favorite is humorous horror. If there’s an armless hand attacking its former owner or a horned demon making people confess their weirdest secrets, I’ve shuddered AND laughed at it. Soon there will be a new entry: Snatchers.

Snatchers is short video series—only eight episodes, eight minutes long each—about high-schooler Sara, whose one-night stand with an alien turns into a nine-month pregnancy … the very next day. We have the trailer for you, below; below that, we have a one-minute clip.

Snatchers will be the first scripted series for Go90, Verizon’s streaming service. It has received good reviews from an appearance at Sundance. The show will debut on June 22.

Diana Mogollón, senior VP of production company Stage 13, said, “The creative team behind ‘Snatchers’ has created a brilliant horror comedy series that had Sundance audiences captivated, shocking them and making them laugh out loud.”

Of course she would say that. It’s her job, after all. But here’s hoping we’ll laugh as much as the Sundance audience.