Being Human vampire hopes for a 'hilarious' U.S./U.K. crossover

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Jun 26, 2015, 3:10 PM EDT

With different versions of Being Human a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, new U.K. star Damien Moloney said he'd be interested to see both sets of vampire, werewolf and ghost buddies meet up at some point.

In an interview with MTV, Moloney was asked about the chances off a potential crossover, and he said he'd love to see the two shows mesh down the line.

"I think that would hilarious wouldn't it? I think that would be great. The American show is doing so well, and it's a credit to the writers of the UK version and the cast that its had this amazing crossover appeal," he said. "I've never seen the American version, but I know certainly from the online stuff that its doing incredibly well. It's airing at the moment, and it's very, very popular. Best of luck to them ... It's great for Being Human fans, that they get to watch a great UK show, and a great US version, it's brilliant. But I think it would hilarious to see one episode where the UK people go on holiday to America, or vice versa, and suddenly we have to break bread with each other."

Original U.K. vampire Aidan Turner, and his character Mitchell, left the BBC 3 version of the show in its current fourth season, opening the door for Moloney to join the series as Hal. Original U.K. werewolf Russell Tovey has since announced his departure, as well, which makes us wonder if the fans will stick with the show if the network tries to keep it going long-term with a mostly new cast.

The U.S. version of Being Human, currently in it second season on Syfy, has proven to be a critical and commercial success for the network.

Sound off: Would you like to see Aidan chillin' out with Hal, or should the two shows keep to their respective universes?

(Via MTV).