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Being Human's finale proves: 'Anything can happen in this damn show'

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Apr 8, 2013, 3:24 PM EDT

It's been one hell of a season on Syfy's Being Human, but the ride's about to get even bumpier for our roomies in tonight's season-three finale, said star Meaghan Rath, who plays Sally, and guest star Amy Aquino, who plays Donna.

“I've spent most of my career playing judges who tell people to go to hell. And now I actually get to send them there. It's so much fun. It really is,” said Aquino, who along with Rath spoke to journalists during a press call.

“We love Amy. We just love the whole witch element on the show,” said Rath.

Last week we saw Sally apparently defeat Donna, and Josh and Nora got married. But don't expect the roommates' victory to last.

Donna will return tonight, while the rest of the gang deal with vampire and werewolf issues of their own, including the return of Liam and Aidan's turning Kenny into a vampire abomination.

“The theme for the season is ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ For the last two years we've seen these characters strive so hard to just retain a sense of the life that they've lost. And they wanted so bad just to fit in, and this season they've gotten what they wanted. And I think we're kind of realizing that we're in for more than we bargained for,” said Rath.

“I think that to have the life that we really want comes at a big price. And it's kind of tragic, because I don't know that these people will ever be happy in the way that they once were when they were human. And that's really what drives them. But I don't know that it's possible for them,” she said.

Sally's journey this season has taken her through limbo, to being alive, to becoming a zombie, to dying again, and then back to being a ghost. She's also eaten a fair amount of interesting things.

“I mean, if we're going to talk about the stuff that I've eaten this season, I've eaten everything. I've eaten like ... I've eaten 11 waffles, and I threw up. I've eaten a mouse. The mouse scratched my face and s--t all over me. I've eaten Sam Witwer. I'm mean, it's really just adding up at this point,” said Rath.

As for Donna, who's ended up being one nasty witch, she's been Sally's key antagonist throughout the season. “Not that I'm killed or anything,” said Aquino, not willing to admit what Donna's final fate is. “It doesn't necessarily turn out all that well for me. So I'm a little ambivalent about that, you know, but who knows if dead is dead on this show? Damn.”

With only tonight's episode to go, Rath promises it will all add up to one thing. “Oh, come on. You actually think we would end the season without a cliffhanger?” she said. “This show is a supernatural show. All our fixed plot points are coming to a head. … And we might not have seen the last of Donna.”

“We will see if we get to develop that further, because Donna's a lonely girl. It's hard. She does not have this whole kind of Wiccan thing. She doesn't have any coven. She's like all on her own in a soup kitchen,” said Aquino. “I'm sure she would like to have company, and she sees, I think, in Sally this fire and this spark and intelligence and courage that she admires and probably wants to kind of keep her around. Stay close to her. So we'll see. I don't know. Anything can happen in this damn show.”

Here's a sneak peek at tonight's finale, “Ruh Roh”:


The Being Human finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Syfy. What do think of season three's Being Human?