Being Human's Josh warns S3 is gonna be a 'mind-shyster'

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

When Syfy's Being Human returns for its third season, there will be resolutions for the four main characters following up on season two's cliffhanging ending, said actor Sam Huntington, who plays werewolf Josh. But don't expect things to pick up right where they left off. Some time will have passed. The series returns tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

"I'm very happy that the writers let a little time go by," said Huntington in an exclusive interview with Blastr. "It would have been just too fast and inconvenient if there wasn't some time ... if there weren't some repercussions for what happened at the end of season two. With all the characters, there were so many crazy things that happened right at the end of the season that to just come right back into it would have been insanity."

The tagline of "the season is 'be careful what you wish for,' and it's true. You do these horrible things to get what you want. For the right reasons or the wrong reasons, you do what you have to do to protect the ones that you love and to hold on to what you have. It's not always pretty what happens when you do what you have to do," said Huntington.

Last season ended with vampire Aidan being buried by Mother, with ghost Sally shredding her ghost self apart to rescue her friends from limbo, and werewolves Josh and Nora try to kill Ray so they could get rid of their werewolf curse. As season three returns, time has passed and we'll learn the fates of the three roommates.

Things from the past "come back to haunt us. At the same time, the four of us are together a lot more," he said.

"It's a real mind-shyster, you know what I mean? I don't even know if that's a word, but I think it should be, to describe the season. There's lots of twists and turns," said Huntington.

Josh feels "an intense need to protect and keep everyone around him safe. That holds true for all the characters. And so that's pretty much his emotional drive through the season, is to prove his love to these people and to take responsibility for his actions. I've got to hand it to Josh this year, he kind of mans up. He really takes responsibility. He proves his friendship over and over again. I kind of love that about him. It's pretty great. While at the same time being the same guy. He never really loses who he is, which is nice," he said.

"The majority of the joy of working on the show is to get to play this multi-dimensional, really interesting and fun character," said Huntington.

When asked about his character's humor, which seems to seep in even during tense times, he said, "I don't know. I guess the fact that you're not the first person to have said this, part of that must be true. Listen, any time you take on a role, a little piece of yourself is going to come through. Obviously you have to try as hard as you can to be a chameleon, but you are who you are. There's a reason people cast you. So I think that part of it is just inherently who I am. I don't know if it's me being funny, necessarily, or if it's me just being this character. Granted, the writers love giving me the one-liners. It's actually part of the challenge, to try and make these one-liners seem not like one-liners. But yeah, I guess Josh is just a funny guy. And I love playing him. So I guess, to answer your question, I love that element. I love the humor of the character."

Huntington feels that some of the humor comes from "undercutting this intense, dark drama with self-recognition. ... You just have to have a little bit of awareness of what you are. I think that's where a lot of the humor comes in. It's also part of the reason the world feels more real, as opposed to a lot of the other supernatural shows that are out there. We have a real awareness of the world that we live in and the absurdity of it. And I love that."

He also loves working with his co-stars Kristen Hager (Nora), Meaghan Rath (Sally) and Sam Witwer (Aidan). "Kristen, Sam and Meaghan are not only some of my closest, dearest friends, but also inspire me and make me want to be a better actor and elevate me. They bring it every day. I'm constantly in awe of them. So it's amazing, it's so lucky. I'm so lucky that I don't work with just uninspired poops. On the contrary, they're very inspiring poops," said Huntington with a laugh.

Kristen Hager, who plays Nora, has been promoted from recurring to series regular. Also this season there's a bunch of new and returning guest stars, including: Mark Pellegrino (Lost) as Aidan's vampire mentor Bishop; Amy Aquino as Donna, a witch whose supernatural spells are sought to help Sally; Xander Berkeley (Nikita) as Liam, the father of purebred werewolf twins who is intent on locating his missing children; Bobby Campo (Final Destination) as Max, a young mortician who develops a connection with Sally; and Kyle Schmid (Blood Ties) returning as Aidan's vampire protégé/"son" Henry.

Here's a preview of tonight's episode:

Are your ready for a mind-shyster of a season?

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