Being a spy has never looked more fun in new Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer

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Jan 31, 2015, 6:41 AM EST (Updated)

With the Super Bowl just a couple days away, studios are already starting to drop the new trailers we’ll see in the big game. We think Kingsman: The Secret Service could be one of the craziest of the bunch.

Expectations started out a bit low and mixed when word broke that Mark Millar’s cult hit comic The Secret Service was being turned into a tentpole action flick. But then some of the initial footage finally made it out from director Matthew Vaughn’s (X-Men: First Class) adaptation, and we quickly realized this could be one heck of a crazy-fun movie.

You get a major Kick-Ass vibe, which isn’t much of a surprise considering it's much of the same creative team here, but it’s all wrapped up in a slick James Bond veneer that makes it look extremely cool and fresh. Plus, the cast includes everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to Colin Firth and Michael Caine — along with promising newcomer Taron Egerton to tie it all together.

Check out the new mini-trailer below and let us know what you think:

(Via Yahoo!)