15 superhero motivational posters that'll make a believer out of you

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Dec 17, 2012

Need a new mantra to kick things into high gear today? Then get set for some inspiring words and simple truths from high-flying folks who parade around in capes and tights.

Canadian artist and illustrator Kerrith Johnson brings us this stimulating "Believe" series featuring digital paintings of some of DC's and Marvel's most illustrious heroes and villains, plus a few lesser players like She-Hulk, Donna Troy and Satanna.

Johnson's aim was to strip these iconic characters down to their inspirational cores, for better and for worse, in keeping with their true natures ... and ours. Using a determined force of colorful icons from the realm of comics, he sought out similarities in our popular myths and stories to teach compassion, tolerance and a better understanding of our fellow humans.

See more of these motivating marvels at his site.

(via The Mary Sue)