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Bella Thorne showers with post-apocalyptic ghosts in first look at I Still See You

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Jul 3, 2018, 1:53 PM EDT

We all know ghosts are real, yet, defying the odds, the apocalypse remains fictional (for now). But if the apocalypse did happen, can you imagine how many ghosts there’d be?

That’s the post-apocalyptic world that Bella Thorne’s upcoming movie, I Still See You, imagines. And as you can see from her four brief Instagram previews below, it’s not always a pretty one.

The first posted look above shows a goth-banged Thorne at what appears to be a memorial for the fallen, as her voiceover tells us that “everyone remembers where they were that day, the day of the event.” Then we see her as a child, presumably, watching the sky light up ominously, as treacherous storm clouds swirl. She recalls being only “50 miles from ground zero,” and then we catch a glimpse of local news reporting “devastation in Chicago,” and the ticker scrolling below noting “there was a light, then screaming.”

The next clip shows what appears to be a man crossing the road, until he’s hit by a car and evaporates into Thanos dust. So we can assume he was a ghost. This is accompanied by chillingly sad and seemingly Icelandic music, and followed by co-star Dermot Mulroney’s voiceover saying “there’s a lot we still don’t understand.” Then he theorizes as to what these ghosts are doing with themselves. 

All that peaceful Icelandic pop fades in this third clip, which find Bella enjoying a hot shower, only to be interrupted by a naked ghost leaving her a message in the steam: “Run”!

And finally, the last clip offers up snippets – kisses being given, graves being filled, science experiment bath tubs being jettisoned from, the Sears Tower lost in a blaze of light, forest chases, drowning Bella – of the world, set nine years after the apocalypse, “where the dead walk among the living,” and “nothing is as it seems.”

We’ll see what it all means when I Still See You – directed by Scott Speer (Midnight Sun, also starring Thorne), based on the novel by Daniel Waters, and written by Wonder Woman scribe Jason Fuchs — drops Oct. 12 (according to Thorne's post, or On Demand now, according to the last clip).