Beloved comic-book series Fables FINALLY heading to the big screen

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Jun 5, 2013

One of comics' most acclaimed ongoing series might be a movie at last.

Ever since its debut in 2002, Bill Willingham's Vertigo comic-book series about fairy-tale characters living a life in exile from their homelands has seemed like a property ripe for adaptation. In 2004 Warner Bros. tried a film treatment that died on the vine, and it's since been a possible TV series at both NBC and ABC (both of which have current hit fairy-tale-themed series in Grimm and Once Upon a Time, respectively). Now it looks like the movie engine is revving once again.

According to THR, director Nikolaj Arcel -- who made the Oscar-nominated Danish period film A Royal Affair, co-starring Hannibal's Mads Mikkelsen -- is now attached to direct the latest attempt at a film adaptation for the series, which will be scripted by Jeremy Slater (who worked on Fox's forthcoming Fantastic Four reboot), David Heyman (who served as a producer on all eight Harry Potter films), and Jeffrey Clifford (of Heyday Films, which helped bring the Potter films to the big screen). No word yet on which -- if any -- storylines from the comics the movie will draw from, but there's definitely a good bit of fantasy film credibility in the lineup so far.

So, after 14 Eisner Awards and more than 100 issues, Fables may finally get a movie. What do you think? Will it really happen this time?

(Via THR)

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