Beloved Disneyland park is about to get a MAJOR Star Wars VII makeover

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Dec 17, 2018, 11:00 PM EST (Updated)

After dropping more than $4 billion for Lucasfilm, we knew Disney was going to double down on Star Wars — and it sounds like the next phase of the plan involves Disneyland. In a big way.

The Tomorrowland area of the Anaheim theme park is set for a massive overhaul, which will incorporate elements from the upcoming Star Wars VII, according to some new reports. So, yes, that means some extremely lucky theme park geeks now know all the juicy plot details. Yeah, we’re jealous.

There were apparently already some plans in the works to incorporate the Star Wars brand into Tomorrowland, but now it sounds like we’ll be getting that full-fledged Star Wars Land we always dreamed about. The mysterious new Episode VII elements will reportedly be combined with the existing plan to add attractions such as a Millennium Falcon walk-thru, a Tatooine cantina and a speeder bike race set in an Ewok village.

So why did they go ahead and let the park folks in on the Episode VII plan almost two years before the film’s planned 2015 opening date? Because it takes an even longer time to redesign and build a theme park, and even with the heads-up, it’ll probably be 2017 before Star Wars Land can open wide.

Would a Star Wars Land entice you to load up the family for a Disney vacation?


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