Beloved Hi-C Ghostbusters flavor Ecto-Cooler reportedly coming back to life

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Dec 2, 2015

Any child of the 1990s almost certainly sucked down an Ecto Cooler at least once or twice. After several years off the shelves, the Ghostbusters tie-in drink is reportedly coming back to life.

CNBC reports Coca-Cola has filed a new trademark for the orange-tangerine-flavored green drink, which is leading many fans to think the product could get getting a re-release. The trademark was approved in November (woot woot). Hey, if the movie series can get a reboot, why not Ecto Cooler?

The drink was first released in 1987 as a tie-in for the Ghostbusters cartoon series, and it kept on rolling well beyond the show’s cancellation in 1991. The drink continued to be sold until 2001, when it was renamed "Shoutin' Orange Green.” Which, as we can all agree, is a way less cool name for a drink. It was eventually axed completely in 2007 as interest waned.

This is obviously a cash-in for Coca-Cola, but if it means we have more Slimer-sporting drinks in stores come next year, I'm all in. The drink was a 1990s staple and would almost certainly enjoy a nice resurgence (much like the recently revived Surge soda, which is a delicious heart attack in a can).

(Via CNBC)

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