Beloved Walking Dead star teases what's next after her shocking exit

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

With its fourth season rolling along, The Walking Dead has made a habit of subverting expectations — and last night’s episode pulled out one hell of a twist.

Spoilers ahead for Sunday’s latest Walking Dead episode!

As we know now, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) took Carol (Melissa McBride) with him on that run to a nearby town as a way to cut her loose after she brutally killed and burned two members of the group after they caught the mystery flu.

The episode winds down with the original cast member driving off into the sunset with a car full of supplies, her trusty knife and a boatload of mystery. So what’s next for Carol? Star Melissa McBride obviously couldn’t spill too many details (she would only tease: “I can't wait until everyone sees how this season plays out. It's going in so many directions.”), but she did talk about the mindset of her badass character.

Here’s an excerpt from her chat with The Hollywood Reporter, where she digs into Carol’s psyche:

“I can only imagine what the hell she's up to out there and what she's going to do. I like that aspect, but then it's so abrupt and weird. It's so hard to understand and to completely banish her, it's flooring…

No. It's interesting Rick wants to go on this run and bring her along for it. They're testing one another it seems. She knows what happened to Shane (Jon Bernthal) and questions what's going on there. Rick is feeling the same way and wondering what's going on with her. Obviously when she took the risk, Carol knew there would be consequences if she had to confess or if anyone found out. She was prepared to tell Rick, that he would find out. She even suggested in the council meeting that Rick do a timeline to see who was where and when as the slayings happened. That's very interesting to note. Did she want to get caught? When she says to Rick that she did it, she stands there for a second and waits and he doesn't say anything, so she presses on with her task.”

After spending the first part of the season piddling in his garden, Rick has officially resumed a leadership position among the gang. This show knows how to launch about a million balls into the air, so it’ll be interesting to see how this thing comes back together over the next few weeks.

What do you think is next for Carol? Was her murder justified for the greater good? Was Rick right to give her the boot?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)