Ben Affleck does Christian Bale's Batman voice for Red Nose Day

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May 31, 2017, 4:52 PM EDT (Updated)

You have to admit that there's been a real "will he, won't he" question about whether Ben Affleck would be returning to the role of Batman, especially after he dropped out of directing The Batman and Matt Reeves came in to take on the job. Even with a new director in place, people still weren't sure if Affleck would return, especially when it was revealed that he was dealing with some personal problems.

It's also been reported that Affleck has started training for the role, but there's been no official announcement about the film or a potential release date.

In that vein, Affleck had a little fun with the fans in this video for Red Nose Day. In it, a young fan asks him to do the Batman voice. When he does, the kid asks him to do Christian Bale's version. The key part of all of this is what he says at the end.

Is Affleck poking fun at himself? You be the judge.

Ben Affleck does Batman voice for Red Nose Day... by BatmanNewsCom


(via ComicBookMovie)

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