Ben Affleck excited for Batman but regrets Daredevil, "It got [REDACTED] up"

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Jan 28, 2014

Standing at 6'4", with broad shoulders and a dimpled chin, Ben Affleck seems born to play a superhero. Eleven years ago (we can't believe it's been that long), he headlined Marvel's live-action adaptation of Daredevil, which pits the blind lawyer turned crime fighter against not one, but three characters: Bullseye, an angry Elektra and Kingpin. 

Daredevil was a very polarizing film that left most fans cold. Like George Clooney with Batman & Robin, Affleck is aware of the film's problems. Years later, he's got another shot at superhero greatness with Batman in Warner Bros. Man of Steel sequel. In the latest issue of Playboy, he talks about why he took the part and his expectations for the role.

"It was a unique take on Batman that was still consistent with the mythology," Affleck revealed. "It made me excited. All of a sudden I had a reading of the character. When people see it, it will make more sense than it does now or even than it did to me initially."

The actor also confirmed that his Batman won't clash with those of the past. "I don't want to give away too much, but the idea for the new Batman is to redefine him in a way that doesn't compete with the Bale and Chris Nolan Batman but still exists within the Batman canon. It will be an older and wiser version, particularly as he relates to Henry Cavill's Superman character."

Affleck admits that one of the things that made him apprehensive about the role was his experience with Daredevil. He understood why fans balked at the idea of him putting on Batman's cape and cowl. "The only movie I actually regret is Daredevil. It just kills me. I love that story, that character, and the fact that it got f--ked up the way it did stays with me. Maybe that's part of the motivation to do Batman."

It sounds like someone has something to prove.

Batman vs. Superman opens in theaters May 6, 2016.

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