Ben Affleck's Batman revealed in first color Bat-pic from Dawn of Justice

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Jul 24, 2014, 6:19 PM EDT

The folks at DC are showing off a ton of new Batman art at San Diego Comic-Con in honor of the Caped Crusader’s 75th anniversary, and one of those shots just happens to be the first color pic of Ben Affleck from Batman v Superman.

Though it's admittedly tight, the shot marks the first non-black-and-white pic we’ve gotten of Affleck sporting the cowl in the Man of Steel sequel. We can get a good look at how his face fits the mask (note the grizzled chin), as well as the actual material used in the costume. We can also confirm they're sticking with a dark aesthetic (duh).

From the look of how the suit flows and connects at the neck, it seems the new costume is going with a more traditional fabric-style take that is less armored than recent designs, especially when compared to Christopher Nolan’s seminal Dark Knight trilogy. We’re also still digging those short, Dark Knight Returns-style ears. Though he is still rocking the Sad Batman look ... but we digress.

We’re glad to see DC rolling out some teases, but c’mon guys, where’s our first full look at the new Batman — or even better — a shot of Gal Gadot rocking her Wonder Woman duds? Fans are salivating for more from this project, and DC could fire a shot across the bow at Marvel (much as they did last year when announcing the film) by showing off some concept art/footage/something from the film. Perhaps it's coming in panel form.

But for now, enjoy Batfleck and let us know what you think:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is slated to open in May 2016.

(Via DC Comics)