Ben Kingsley IS the Mandarin in wicked new Iron Man 3 poster

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Feb 22, 2013, 10:29 AM EST

Think you're ready for the sheer villianous badassery of the Mandarin? You might think again when you see the latest Iron Man 3 poster.

Ben Kingsley is so good at playing the bad guy that, even wearing sunglasses, you can feel the heat behind his eyes. He's a scary dude. Take a look.

If you'd just pitched the idea of the fatigues with that coat sight unseen, it might not have made sense. But seeing it now, it's clear that they're combining very real images of very real terrorists and giving them a Marvel spin that really works. Plus having Iron Man's helmet under the boot of the Mandarin? Very cool.

What do you think?

(Empire magazine via Comic Book Movie)