Ben Stein, (*)hat

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Jan 18, 2008

Perhaps you've heard of the movie "Expelled", an attempt by the liars at the Discovery Institute to once again spread their abysmal crap about intelligent design. The star of this movie is Ben Stein, a guy I have tried to like over the years despite his having been a Nixon speechwriter, but who might as well smother kittens at this point, such are his chances at redemption.

PZ and others have been all over this movie and how everyone involved has been lying non-stop to get interviews and promote it. As usual, I have to ask: why is the Ninth Commandment considered to be optional by religious fundamentalists?

Anyway, Bay of Fundie has a great take-down of Stein and the movie on his blog (some NSFW language). He even has links to destroy the usual ID/creationism memes, though it's like trying to dig a hole in water.

I can make a few absolutely certain predictions about this movie. I will bet that:

1) It will not do terribly well in theaters.

2) The Disco 'tute will claim it did.

3) When they finally have to admit it is tanking, they will claim it's the evul evilutionists who suppressed it.

Any takers? Bueller? Bueller?

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