Bendis brings lessons learned on Avengers Disassembled to Superman

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Apr 27, 2018, 10:16 AM EDT

After announcing late last year he would leave Marvel and had signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, writer Brian Michael Bendis is bringing the knowledge gained from his Avengers tenure to his new run of Superman.

In 2004, Bendis began his work with Marvel's Avengers with artist David Finch by essentially tearing the group apart in what's known as the "Avengers Disassembled" storyline. In an interview with CBR, Bendis said that while some fans loved the decision, he now realizes there were also those who did not. 


"There were a lot of arguments online, and a fan said to me, ‘We’re Avengers fans. All we buy is Avengers,'" he said. "And we have no idea who you are, but you came over and kicked all our toys over. You said, 'Haha! This is fun, right?' And we said, 'No! We were enjoying that, and you kicked everything over!'"

While fan criticisms aren't always right, some did strike a chord with him, and those are the lessons he considers when coming over to Superman.

“There was a criticism there that I take to heart. It’s not that I would have changed the story of Avengers, but the glee with which I did things, I could have been more cool with," he said. "So I thought about that a lot coming into this [Superman]. It’s tough when you’re coming on, but the book has been in a good place creatively. There’s nothing to blow up. There’s no reason to do that. I’m coming in strong, and big stuff is going to happen with Superman — but it doesn’t have that ‘Haha!’ attitude.”

Bendis joined DC recently with Action Comics #1000, and his upcoming Superman miniseries Man of Steel kicks off May 30.

(via CBR)