Benedict Cumberbatch on CBS' Elementary: 'I'd be frightened'

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Ever since CBS announced it was doing its own take on a modern Sherlock Holmes with its series Elementary, there's been a lot of hoopla about the project; especially from Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat and producer Sue Vertue. But there's one very important person who's kept mum on the subject, until now.

Star Trek and Hobbit actor Benedict Cumberbatch—who stars as the world's only consulting detective on the BBC's brilliant series Sherlock—has finally broken his silence after keeping mum for months and months, and ... months.

This is what Cumberbatch told TV Line's Michael Ausiello:

"If I were the [producer], I'd be frightened of the dynamic of male friendship that you'd lose, because that is obviously the bedrock of the books as well. [Now] there might be sexual tension between Joan [Watson] and Sherlock, which is [a different dynamic than you'd have] between the two men. So, that's a new thing to explore."

Cumberbatch is actually good friends with Jonny Lee Miller, who plays Sherlock Holmes in Elementary, the two having starred together in Danny Boyle's acclaimed Frankenstein play. So we guess it would be a bit weird to badmouth the new show Cumby's friend is starring in.

Still, Cumberbatch firmly believes that there's definitely room in the world for two modern adaptations of the world's most famous detective:

"I wish them luck, I really do. I think it will be great. It will be a different spin on it, because obviously, theirs is modern-day as well, so it needs to be different from ours, and I think the more differences, the better, to be honest.

"I don't see why they shouldn't co-exist with us. I don't think they'll steal our audience. I think people who are Holmes fans who think they do a good job of it will have a treat in watching ours and the films. So I wish them good luck!"

What do you think? Do you believe, like Cumberbatch, that there is indeed room for two modern Sherlock Holmes on television? And what do you think about his thoughts on Elementary losing that important bedrock that is the male friendship between Holmes and Watson?