The best (and worst) fake sci-fi headlines and pranks from April Fool's Day 2014

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Apr 1, 2014, 7:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Oh, April Fool’s Day. Somehow, it seems like the sci-fi offerings get both better and worse with each passing year.

What started as a funny little tradition in print publications decades ago has grown into a full-on hellscape of bad jokes and wishful thinking in the Internet age: April Fool’s Day headlines. They pop up every year and scare folks half to death for a few seconds until they actually take a moment to look at the calendar.

From a new Wonder Woman movie to Leonard Nimoy performing the end credits song for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, here are the best (and worst) headlines and pranks the Internet has to offer for sci-fi fans today:

Were you fooled by any of these stories drifting around out in the wild? What were some of your favorite April Fool's Day pranks this year?