Best of the Blood-Suckers: Counting down our 20 favorite vampires

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:28 AM EDT (Updated)

Vampires are everywhere in genre fiction, but not all blood drinkers are created equal.

Zombies might be the dominant monsters in pop culture right now, but as recent phenomena like Twilight and True Blood proved, vampires never really stop rising from the grave. This Halloween we get not one, but two major vampire releases: the origin story film Dracula Untold on Oct. 10 and the 11th of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles -- Prince Lestat -- on Oct. 28. Add to that any number of vampire movies and shows popping up this month via streaming services and cable reruns, and it seems like there's no better time to get back in touch with our favorite fanged creatures of the night.

So, in honor of Dracula UntoldPrince Lestat and, well, the awesomeness of vampires in general, we're counting down 20 of our favorite vamps from movies, TV, novels and more. Take a look at our choices in the gallery below, and let us know who your favorite vampires are in the comments.

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