Best. Match. Ever. Nick Cave working on the new Crow movie

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

The remake of The Crow just got an interesting critical shot in the arm with news that rocker/screenwriter Nick Cave is going to do a rewrite of the script. Cave is well known to movie buffs for his screenplay of The Proposition, which was called "uncompromisingly violent." Sounds perfect for The Crow.

Here's more from The Wrap:

The last we heard about Relativity Media's remake of "The Crow," producer Ed Pressman told MTV that an offer was out to a "major actor" and director Stephen Norrington ("Blade") had finished a "terrific" screenplay that would be set in two locations: "the southwest -- the Mexico/Arizona area -- and an urban [setting] -- Detroit or Pittsburgh or something like that."

Well apparently Norrington's take wasn't quite "terrific" enough, as Pressman recently told TheWrap that none other than iconic musician and acclaimed screenwriter Nick Cave has come on to rewrite the script.

Hiring Cave to rewrite Norrington's script is a bold move, but it may prove to be worth it in the long run, as Cave may be the perfect choice to help resurrect the fading franchise.

He made his screenwriting debut with John Hillcoat's 1988 prison drama "Ghosts ... of the Civil Dead," but what really has this lifelong "Crow" fan excited is Cave's impressive work on Hillcoat's gritty Australian Western "The Proposition," which was awesome.