Best Trek Cap'n, spinoff faves, a good Green Lantern & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments are filled with hopes and dreams and fan-on-fan pummeling. Here are stories and comments about SF spinoffs (Jeffster!), Star Wars toys (a lava lamp!), best-of Trek captains ("is so!" vs. "is not!"), Avengers assembling (BOOM!) ... and Nathan Fillion's playdate with Tim Daly and friends (whoosh!). Click through, and bring a friend!

Our story: 9 sci-fi spinoffs we want and the characters who'd make us watch

Your best comment: The spin-off I wanted never happened, 'Ripper' starring Anthony Head as Rupert 'ripper' Giles. Alternatively, reboot the end of Angel & have Wesley survive & follow his adventures because Wesley became the most fascinating character of them all. So much lost potential. Faith could pop up as a guest star or any of the other Buffy'verse characters. — kasey

Our story: 10 weird, wild Star Wars toys that almost (but never) were

Your best comment: Come to the Dark Side - we have pepper! — KC

Our story: 11 universe-hopping sci-fi characters awake to alternate realities

Your best comment: Anya's last name is Jenkins?! Man, I watched the whole series twice and never caught that... — Mat

Our story: Face off with 12 stunning Tim Burton makeup transformations

Your best comment: Wait, that wasn't Christopher Walken's natural look...?

[rimshot] Thank you, thank you, everyone, I'll be here all week! — Math Guy

Our story: Get closer to the gods in 13 epic new Wrath of the Titans pics

Your best comment: Lotsa hair..these aren't characters portrayed by Telly Savalas, Michael Chikilis, and Yul Brenner, that's for sure! — Goldilocks

Our story: After 50,000+ votes, you said the best Star Trek captain was...

Your best comment: I never realized how often Worf got smacked down. He mostly handled it with grace, but I wish he lost it Klingon style every now and then. — Fsalino

Our story: New Avengers trailer: More footage, more Hulk, more alien threat!

Your best comment: This makes my nipples hard. — C to the J

Our story: LeVar Burton tells us 'the only thing wrong' with Abrams' Star Trek movie

Your best comment: You people make me feel so fortunate.

I have been a Star Trek fan since I watched the original series back in the 60`s....I collected the James Blish book adaptations of the original eps... In `73,I enjoyed the animated Star Trek...In `77 I thrilled to the news of the first movie being made...I went to that in `79, and each one afterward...I watched Next Gen, and tried to get something out of each and every permutation series thereafter...

Lastly, I watched--and ENJOYED-- Abrams` 2009 alternate take.

...and y`know...


That`s right... I can still watch any and all Star Trek and not feel the slightest twinge of animosity or urge to rant online about how 'This wasn`t Star Trek', or 'That wasn`t Star Trek' or 'Star Trek is just ruined now!'
To greatly paraphrase Mr.Spock:

The existence of The One does not spoil or eliminate my enjoyment of The Many...or The One.

Seeing you people agonize and whine incessantly over N-O-T-H-I-N-G makes me feel so fortunate that I am above such petty nit-picking and can still enjoy Star Trek--in whichever version I feel like at the moment. — EDGE

Our story: 8 aquatic discoveries that have us believing aliens visited Earth

Your best comment: This is stuff is very interesting. There's an iPhone App called 'Strange Unsolved Mysteries' that talks about a lot of this stuff. Very cool. — Rider

Our story: Nathan Fillion proves once and for all he shoulda been Green Lantern

Your best comment: I would rather have paid $20 to see that 4 minute film than the Green Lantern AND Superman Returns movies put together. — Grey Jedi

Our story: With 2 weeks to go, here's what Disney's doing to save John Carter

Your best comment: Get your ads to Mars! — Chris

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