Why does Thor look like a metrosexual biker?—and more

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest (see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley above) stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: POLL: Which sci-fi season finale was your favorite?

Your best comment: First of all, this poll is bogus because your list is bogus: there are ONLY THREE real sci-fi programs on it: Fringe, V, and FlashForward. The rest is either spy-fi, which doesn't belong here (Chuck) or fantasy crap (anything with vampires and/or other elements that are impossible as opposed to just improbable, also epic fairy tales e.g. Legend of the Seeker). These are **all** inappropriate for this list. And your choices are inconsistent; why include The Vampire Diaries but not include other vampire programs, such as True Blood?

The most interesting sci-fi program of the last year you didn't even bother to include: the excellent Defying Gravity. And it is the season closer for that series, the episode entitled Kiss, that was my favorite. If you're only going to give me three other series to choose from (given that Stargate Universe hasn't ended its season yet), I'll rank the season finale of Fringe as a close second, but V and FlashForward were yawns. Give me the whole complicated, hopeful, noble, self-sacrificing, transforming story that is "Kiss" (as well as the episode that led into it and set up the finale, "Venus") over everything else. THAT, and Fringe, are the two that should be coming back. And the fantasy crap can go hang. Period!— webdiva

Our story: Gallery: 23 pictures of Megan Fox's Transformers replacement

Your best comments: What did they inject into her lips, innertubes?— upload


My favorite pic is that one where she looks vapid and overtly sexual.— asocalguy

Our story: 10 reasons we still love Total Recall 20 years later

Your best comment: Ok, the second I saw this post, the first thing I thought was "If they don't mention the triple breasted women, I'm gonna Reeeaal pissed". Thank you.— ai6280

Our story: Yes, this IS officially what Captain America looks like!

Your best comment: Looks more high-tech than anything durring WW2 could have been. This guy could be Captain American Gladiator. Pathetic.— Rob

Our story: 8 things we know about the new Thundercats TV show

Your best comment: I hope these cats don't go around sniffing each others behind.— Jtan


This is great news! All we need is Silverhawks and the 80's cartoon saga will be complete.— shadow

Our story: Jonathan Frakes wants to do a Star Trek: Titan miniseries

Your best comments: And I want a pony.— kernel_thai


Danger! Nerd orgy in progress. Enter at your own risk!— fernado poo

Our story: 12 MUST-SEE sci-fi and fantasy movies of summer

Your best comments: How could you forget Scott Pilgrim? Fanboys have been drooling over that one for months. Great article though. Nice to actually see a positive spin for a change instead of always hearing about how everything will suck.— cbing736


Just for grins and giggles, I'd like to see Sci-Fi/SyFy do a follow-up piece in October to "12 MUST-SEE sci-fi and fantasy movies of summer ". The best metric would be to do a side-by-side comparison of the box-office to what movies were a hit and what movies should be relegated to "coaster" status.— MCP-001

Our story: What sci-fi films would be like with their original casts

Your best comments: Take comfort guys. In the "Fringe" alternate universe these films exist, along with "Casablanca" starring Anne Sheridan and Ronald Reagan.— Gill Avila


Kurt Russell as Han Solo. He would have shot Greedo BEFORE he sat down at the table. — After Forever

Our story: 5 ways Captain America's movie costume is being radically altered

Your best comment: Sounds pretty cool to me. I'm getting tired of people adhering to the comics so closely that the movie ends up sucking. (Yeah, I'm thinking of Watchmen in particular.)— crichton007

Our story: First pics of Chris Hemsworth wielding the hammer of Thor!

Your best comment: Looks like a metro-sexual biker.— Thor Fan

Our story: 5 reasons why FlashForward deserved to fail

Your best comment: I agree with the article here in many ways although I enjoyed some of the story distractions as much as those that moved to story forward.

The four month hiatus was a death sentence for FlashForward. No amount of re-organization and tweaking of plot lines could save a show that was abandoned for so long. It would have been better to start all over again.

In my opinion, FlashForward didn't have a finale. It just stopped.— OldManInOhio

Our story: Everything you need to know about every sci-fi TV show this week

Your best comment: Tracy Lords as Dejah Thoris? Kill me now.— Kevin

Our story: Could the next big-screen Spider-Man be African-American?

Your best comment: cats really have no clue. Its not gonna happen. Many of you are spewing your racists beliefs unconsciously, and the others are too slow to realize this article was written to get under people's skin. A few of your points are disjointed and ambiguous. Be more concise, and try to see both sides of an issue that has been going on since the damn of movie-making. You all need to relax!— Davros73