Jewel Staite's Blastr debut catches fire—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

You've had a busy week. So we want you to sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a big bowl full of the hottest stories and the best comments of the week. Today we highlight such gems from the past seven days as the bloody, naked True Blood cast; Jewel Staite's new Blastr blog and new pics from Captain America and Harry Potter.


Our story: Jewel Staite talks about Firefly fights, her dream role and more

Your best comment: Mal and Jayne vs. Shepherd and Ronan? Seriously? That could be the next Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer debate of the Internet. My money is on the men who would cheat, lay traps, sabotage the enemy, and run away if the fight doesn't go their way.— Sean

Our story: 20 gay characters we love from sci-fi movies and TV

Your best comment: I don't understand why people think the Dumbledore thing was a stunt. When I read the last book, I thought Dumbledore's relationship with Grindelwald was pretty clearly subtextually gay. There are LOTS of hints throughout the series, and that relationship from his youth solidified it. I wasn't surprised by the news, because the evidence was all there, it just wasn't explicit. Gay characters are often a bit coded in order to get by. Can you imagine the conservative parent outcry if J.K. had told everyone before the books were done? But she knew he was gay, she wrote him gay, and you're kidding yourself if you think her answering someone's question at a reading was a way of trying to start a "publicity stunt." Trust me, J.K. is doing well for herself without it. — Blake

Our story: Image of the Day: The True Blood stars naked and covered in blood

Your best comment: It looks like Demi Moore's "pregnant" cover for Vanity Fair, but smeared in the afterbirth.

Makes you yearn to be the filling in a vampire sandwich though. — Valeris

Our story: Image of the Day: Shatner photobombs unsuspecting Star Trek fans

Your best comment: Shatnaphobia: The often clinically warrented fear that somehow, somewhere, Shatner is watching you. — Argo

Our story: That deleted Star Wars scene? Mark Hamill says it ISN'T him

Your best comment: I was at the convention in Orlando this past weekend and at the Mark Hamill interview they asked him about the scene. He said that he had just been shown the scene for the first time recently and now remembers having shot it. — Wesley

Our story: Patrick Stewart says his casting as Jean-Luc Picard made no sense

Your best comment: My thought was they were looking to replace Shatner by dividing his role in half. Shatner brought the same kind on presence Stewart has and Frakes was brought on to be the dashing lady killer. I dont believe they ever thought Stewart would be popular with the ladies and yet it turned out he was. — kenel thai

Our story: 1st set pics from Captain America: The First Avenger

Your best comment: What kind of pansy tank needs a rain coat? — Jahooba

Our story: New $70 million Terminator film announced, with one BIG catch

Your best comment: This is a bad idea. Ever since seeing the very first Terminator movies in the 80s what I've been passionately wanting is a movie set in the future with what's left of humanity fighting a "Stalingrad" type battle for survival in the ruins of Las Angeles. We got a few glimpses of that in TSCC but no where near enough to "hit the main vein." How hard could it be to make this happen? — Jeff77042

Our story: 9 dramatic new images from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Your best comment: Further evidence that it's impossible to look cool while riding in a sidecar. :) — Tom Black

Our story: Infographic: Why good sci-fi TV shows go bad

Your best comment: Some great sci-fi shows aren't even given the opportunity to "go bad." Seems that some networks go through the tried and true (read: boring) formula for many shows these days. Unless it has "pew pew" and grabs the attention of xx million viewers in the fast few weeks it's considered for cancellation.

They need to focus on allowing the shows with promise to to build their fan base over time instead of splicing together old mind-numbing concepts hoping they're the next big thing. Some of us really want an intelligent series like *Defying Gravity* instead of rehashed crap. — MickeyB

Our story: Image of the Day: The awesome Star Trek homage hidden in Heroes

Your best comment: I always felt from day one that a really puzzling concept of the show was that even though Hiro was such a mega-fan of Star trek, due to numerous references from him, however he NEVER once said (in English or Japanese) "hey guys, my dad is the spitting image of Mr Sulu!" — Chewie 68

Our story: Wil Wheaton apologizes to a fan club member 21 years later

Your best comment: I feel bad every time I read a story about this guy. We all hated him as Wesley and he's taken it all in stride and offered nothing but kindness and respect back. He's a total class act and he should be rewarded with more sci-fi roles. — Maltheus