Seven of Nine was almost whacked—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Take a drive with us down Hottest Stories Street and you'll see it intersect Best Comments Blvd. The real estate in that neighborhood includes: Darth Vader commercials, Seven of Nine's near-death, sci-fi TV gag reels and a NSFW Dalek.


Our story: 11 best commercials featuring Darth Vader

Your best comment: Did anyone notice at right at the end of the Japanese ad you get a very brief glimpse (pause video to confirm) of the Space Cruiser Yamoto? Makes you wonder when the ad ran and who the target audience was— Lee

Our story: Brannon Braga wanted to kill Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine

Your best comment: Seven of Nine was a very interesting character, and it is too bad J. Ryan got more coverage about her catsuit than her acting talent. She is underrated and did very good with the character. I'm not sure the "kill 7" was a good idea: why get rid of someone just because she doesn't fit? How nice!!!

And I must say, the 7of9/Chakotay relation made no sense at all. It just came from nowhere. (That doesn't help that Chakotay was quite an awful character, imo). 7of9/Janeway would have made more sense (not that I ever thought ST would include that).— R

Our story: 24 gag reels from Star Trek, Battlestar, Firefly, B5 and more

Your best comment: What kind of omnipotent being can't pronounce the word "Omnipotent?"— Crusade2267

Our story: POLL: Which actress should play Spider-Man's new love interest?

Your best comment: It must be just my pet-peeve, but doesn't Imogen Poots name just ruin her appeal (although she's obviously gorgeous)? My sympathies to poor Ms. Poots.— lokee

Our story: Image of the Day: Doctor Who companion naked with Dalek (NSFW)

Your best comment: That robot has no face, but why does it look like it's smiling?— Jahooba

Our story: 16 stunning images of Earth seen from space and other planets

Your best comment: How very small we look from Jupiter and Saturn, beautiful pictures of our fair planet— Debby Schnedler

Our story: Joss Whedon says when Fox killed Firefly, his TV ideas died, too

Your best comment: I'm sorry to see Mr. Whedon having to waste his time on a worthless project like the Avengers. (It's not even the GOOD Avengers, the one with Emma Peel.) I hope one day he gets to do something original again.— frankenstoen

Our story: Shia LaBeouf: Indiana Jones 5 script idea is 'crazy'

Your best comment: One thing I will give him credit for was realizing the last movie didn't work. If they do one last one it has to recapture some of the charm from the 1st and 3rd movies. This new one needs a powerful cunning villian and more beautiful companions for Indy. Shia is good in certain roles and has been in some successful movies but this needs to be more about Indiana and the story and less about his father son relationship with Mutt. — Anthony

Our story: Image of the Day: What if Batman were combined with Darth Vader?

Your best comment: holy force choke batman!!!!

what is thy bidding, commissioner? — psychicspencer

Our story: Dissecting what went so tragically wrong with Scott Pilgrim

Your best comment: By "Tragically Wrong," do you mean "Awesomely Right"? I'm in my mid-40s and loved the movie. I think it didn't do well only because it was up against overhyped flicks -- "Eat Pray Love" and "The Expendables." Look for Scott Pilgrim to do well in DVD sales. I know I'll be buying it! — Gojiro

Our story: 6 things Bryan Singer just revealed about X-Men: First Class

Your best comment: When I first heard about X-Men: First Class I was excited. But if there is no Cyclops, Jean Grey (or even Iceman?) then what a betrayal for long time fans like me. I am no longer interested. Don't the big studios get it? Stick to the original comics like Marvel do with their movies. Go off on a tangent like this one and the movie is already half-dead in the water. — George

Our story: REVEALED: Star Trek: Next Gen cast almost included Wesley Snipes

Your best comment: I find things like that quite interesting. I'm glad things turned out the way they did, but sometimes when ya find out other actors were up for a part, ya might think they would have been just as good or even, William Katt as Luke (after seeing his audition, I think he may have been better than Hamill) — Paul