Summer Glau, LEGO-fied sci-fi, NSFW Batman—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

What's better? Summer Glau? Kick-ass SF LEGO creations? 850 Stargate props on auction? NSFW Batman porn? New Harry Potter pics? A peek at Fringe? Chuck? Zombies? Voltron? The answer: Yes. And they're all here in the conglomeration known as the Hottest Stories and the Best Comments of the Week. Enjoy it, in all its SF glory.

Our story: An appreciation of Summer Glau's 8 sci-fi roles (plus 24 pictures)

Your best comment: I'm not complainung, but why does River Tam count twice? If you count Firefly and Serenity separately, then why not count every episode separately. Or Count Allison Young (the human) and Cameron (the Terminator)as separate roles. — ALBEBACK

Our story: Star Trek, Serenity, BSG and 23 other awesome LEGO creations

Your best comment: Epic Win! Some wonderful models. I'm going to call in sick today and play with my Legos!

Seriously, if I had kids (gods forbid) I would only give them Legos - what other toy do you really need? Lego can follow the fads (pirates, Star Wars, Indiana Jones) yet are actually immune to them (when the fad's over you create something else)! — Bewildered

Our story: An ACTUAL Stargate and 850+ other awesome SG-1 props to be auctioned

Your best comment: Well they did strike the whole set of FarScape (some of which was actually demolished) and still ended up making Peacekeeper Wars afterwards. It could still happen. Who knows how many props and set pieces are still around. — Marci

Our story: 26 yearbook photos of sci-fi stars before they went supernova

Your best comment: Nice to see Sam Jackson was always a bad a**. Meanwhile, why hasn't Will Smith aged AT ALL?!? — xoriadax

Our story: 11 biggest complaints actors have had about superhero costumes

Your best comment: Two questions:

Why can't costume designers and SFX teams make costumes that are also comfortable, at least to some degree? Are the materials they have to work with really that limiting in their attempts to recreate costumes seen in comic books?

Any quotes from Robert Downey, Jr. on what it was like wearing the Iron Man armor? (I realize I could research this elsewhere, but since we're already on the subject...) — Perfect Tommy

Our story: 6 SFW pics from the NSFW Dark Knight porn parody BatFXXX

Your best comment: Really? This upsets people?

Get over it. Blastr isn't exactly taking this seriously and just wanted to show a few completely unoffensive pictures from what is essentially the same thing as a fan-made movie posted on YouTube.

Besides, this website is for fans of all ages, they should be allowed to post stories that might interest someone over the age of 17. — lindyxmjh

Our story: 20 of the most epic failures in network science fiction TV

Your best comment: This is a good mix of great shows and truly bad shows. The issue is that so many things can affect how a show gets canceled; poor writing (bionic woman), great concept no follow through (heroes), good concept that does not lend it self to more than a season (john doe), cost (hence plethora of reality shows), and the network not knowing what to do with the show (all fox shows). Also, I believe the majority of americans will not get behind an episodic sci fi show. firefly shows even with a cult following, the numbers will not translate (the movie did not do well)— johnny zed

Our story: 7 superheroes reimagined as urban hipsters

Your best comment: All of these are stereotyping environmentalists, not "hipsters." Using web services doesn't make you part of any group. I'm not sure hipsters exist as a subculture like emo and goth did. — Dan Treadmill

Our story: New Fringe season 3 set photos (possible spoilers)

Your best comment: Just as long as Fauxlivia stops walking like she's got a cobb up her butt. That was really distracting.

Our story: 15 dramatic new photos from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Your best comment: Wow, Ron has a major intense moment there, in the 1 pic (and a really nice sweater...)! — M

Our story: 10 reasons to watch Chuck (even if you've never seen it before)

Your best comment: Chuck does know Sarah's Middle name.... when he pulls down the Tron Poster and looks at the back with all the Ring information he had gathered in his search for Orion, he has a photo of Sarah on there and next to it states " middle name LISA" (or is it). So i'm sure he heard her say it but never acknowledged hearing it.

The thing i love about this show is it is just FUN. With all the Crime dramas it's a nice refreshing break. It's why HIMYM and The Big Bang theory are also so successful... FUN — Mike

Our story: Chart shows which of 19 film zombies you're likeliest to survive

Your best comment: Really isn't it just more an argument of the attributes of the"undead"?

1. Did the subject lose all signs of life for ANY period of time?

2. Can the subject be killed by bleeding to death?

3. Can the subject pass the Turing test?

So to be a zombie you need to answer Yes No and No. Anything else is something else IMO. — Domaka

Our story: First look at Voltron movie's reimagined rampaging robots

Your best comment: i hope they will make the robot as same as the original. those lions are freaks, nothing compared to the original, just as they did with the transformers robots. another stupid idea by the animators... take out the ingenuity of the original maker. — Niel