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Bethesda suing Warner Bros. over new Westworld mobile game

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Jun 22, 2018, 9:00 PM EDT

You might just be getting started building your own park in the recently released Westworld mobile game, but the end might already be near, and it's not because of a threatening host.

Today, Bethesda Softworks filed a lawsuit against the game's creators Warner Bros. Entertainment and Behaviour Interactive “for breach of contract, inducement to breach of contract, copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair competition.” Bethesda claims the game is basically “a blatant rip-off” of their own mobile game, Fallout Shelter, that was also developed by Behaviour.

Fallout Shelter puts gamers in charge of their own vault, while the Westworld game casts players in the role of a Delos employee who controls Westworld.

Looking at trailers for the two games, there are noticeable similarities.

Bethesda states that the new game used “the same copyrighted computer code” to create the “same or highly similar game design, art style, animations, features and other gameplay elements” as Fallout Shelter. To illustrate their point, the company also presented screenshots of both games side by side and cited articles that mentioned the similarities between the two, including one from Kotaku where it's clear right in the headline: "Westworld's video game looks a lot like Fallout Shelter."

“Bethesda will vigorously protect its legal rights in the valuable intellectual properties it owns, and take legal action whenever those rights are being infringed,” Bethesda said in a statement to Variety.

Bethesda is asking for damages and all versions of the Westworld game to be removed. You can read the entire filed suit on Variety’s website.

(Via Variety)