Better stock up on Bachelor Chow!

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Mar 21, 2007

<Professor Farnsworth>Good news, everyone!</Professor Farnsworth>

More Futurama is coming!

OK, so maybe the news is a little old, but c'mon. Futurama!

Let me be frank: I love this show. Love love love. I sometimes think I am Philip Frye, though marginally smarter, and possibly worse with women.

The bad news is I have to wait until 2008. But I can do that for 16 new episodes.

All hail Hypnotoad!

Update (Thursday night, March 22): So I'm checking the links coming into the blog, and what do I see, but this web page. And I'm thinking, hey, that's cool: Wil Wheaton reads BA. And then I think, HOLY HALEAKALA, WIL WHEATON READS MY BLOG!

Tremble before me, for verily, I rock.

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