Better Off Ted cast drops the F-bomb—and worse! (NSFW)

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Warning: If you're not up to hearing the cast of Better Off Ted drop F-bombs and S-bombs and several other bombs we can't even figure out what to call, you'd better skip ahead to a different entry.

When a typo turns the word "not" to "now" in an interoffice memo, the staff is ordered that "Employees must NOW use offensive or insulting language in the workplace," which results in the Veridian Dynamics offices becoming extremely NSFW.

If you check out "The Impertence of Communicationizing" tomorrow night, you'll see an episode filled with PG-rated expletives for broadcast, but as the outtakes below show, things got even raunchier on the set.

Before you click, remember—when we say NSFW, we mean NSFW!

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