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Beyond exclusive: Go behind the scenes of meeting with Edgar Abbot in 'Stir'

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Mar 2, 2018, 12:25 PM EST

After a week's hiatus, Beyond is back on Freeform with more drama, more creepiness, and more than a few answers! If a behind-the-scenes look is a wish your heart is making, then strap yourself in — it's time to uncover the secrets revealed in episode 2.7, titled "Stir." 

From this point on, there will be spoilers for Beyond Season 2, especially episode 2.7. If you haven't watched, then this is one realm that you don't want to visit. 

Everybody ready? Into the fridge we go. 

Holden and Diego finished their epic fight from last week, and Diego actually comes out on top before the cops show up and arrest him. While visiting Diego in prison, Holden finds out that Diego is from the realm. Not just that, but Diego lets us in on his plans — just as Holden went and messed things up in the realm, Diego aims to do the same thing in the real world. He has some power over the beings being held by Hollow Sky as well, because by episode's end, they're all about to break free. It's a bad situation for anyone not named Diego. 

Holden is feeling good about getting some answers for a change, so he decides to keep the answer party going. Together with Jeff, he pays a visit to Edgar Abbot, a man who is currently being held in an institution and has his name printed on the telltale fridge that Holden dug up in the woods. Posing as Hollow Sky flunkies, Holden and Jeff get some answers out of Edgar — the biggest one being that the fridge that Holden found is actually a portal into the realm. Edgar sheds some light on Holden's entire journey before the real Hollow Sky people arrive, but thankfully Edgar is not without powers. He very entertainingly sets a TV on fire so Holden and Jeff can escape. 

In this week's exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, actor Jeff Pierre (Jeff) talks about shooting the scene with Edgar, including a rundown of some of the practical effects that were used to depict Edgar's powers.


Beyond- Holden and Jeff in 2.7

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Though Edgar proved to be the most fun part of the episode (here's hoping he returns), there was much more drama to be had. Luke "Brother of the Year" Matthews called off his weird hand-holding thing with Willa before it had a chance to go further, and then he got an earful of the truth from his mother. Willa and Charlie had it out, with Willa getting to the bottom of Charlie's break-in a few episodes prior. Tom landed himself in prison when the cops found out about his beatdown of Pastor Ian, but it was totally worth it. 

Speaking of Pastor Ian, you guessed it, it's time for another edition of Creep Corner with Pastor Ian! This week saw the creep-tacular pastor sharing a scene with the only person on the show who manages to out-creep him — that person being the Yellow Jacket Man. YJM is now fully operational in Hollow Sky management, so the two of them debate the finer points of putting spy cameras in people's homes. By the episode's end, Pastor Ian is still watching footage, and YJM is listening to a group of children (including his daughter) sing. These two are made for each other, but their creep-powers combined is almost too much for us to take. 

The episode ends with Charlie visiting Holden, and the start of the aforementioned breakout. Diego is just beginning his reign of terror, so here's hoping that Holden and company get their fridges in a row before things go too far. 

Beyond will be back next Thursday at 8 p.m. on Freeform, and fear not, we'll be there once again the day after with another behind-the-scenes video. In the meantime, what did you think of this week's episode? Is Edgar Abbot the coolest person on the show? Is there anything creepier than shots of Diego cut to a child singing? Will that scientist escape Hollow Sky alive? Go beyond this article and let us know in the comments!