Beyond Dune: 5 more genre classics told in emojis

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Aug 19, 2016

ICYMI, Kyle Maclachlan proved yet again why he's a national treasure by fullfilling a fan's request to explain the movie Dune and doing so solely in emojis. Of course, that led to Blastr's EIC wondering what some other well known titles would look like if they were to be told utilizing the 800 + emojis on an iPhone keyboard. I eagerly jumped at the task, learning two things shortly after: 1. It takes way longer to emoji-fy the summary of a movie or TV show than you'd expect and 2. Picking just the right titles to recap in ideograms and smilieys can be a rather daunting challenge that drives one near the brink of madness. But I suffer for my art, people, and my only hope is that it brings joy to the masses.

Without further ado, I present  5 well known titles in the first ( and maybe last) installment of Emojipiece Theater. ( I'll see myself out)


The Expanse

Stranger Things


The Force Awakens


The Fifth Element


Captain America: The First Avenger


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