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Beyond Exclusive: Behind the scenes of the bowling alley drama from 'Bedposts'

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Mar 12, 2019, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Rama-lama-ding-dong, how awkward can a game of bowling possibly get? Beyond is here to answer that question with Episode 2.6, titled "Bedposts."

SPOILER WARNING: Beyond this point there will be spoilers for Beyond Season 2, especially, yes, Episode 2.6.

"Bedposts" opens in a bowling alley that looks like it's been ripped apart, and by the end of the episode, we know why. Before we get there, though, we spend some time with Holden and Charlie, as well as Willa and Luke. The four of them then come together for what appears to be a highly uncomfortable double date.

Willa and Holden aren't doing well — she is mad that he has seemingly trusted everyone with the secret of the fridge in the woods except for her. She's certainly getting along with Luke, however, as the two bond over Mortal Kombat and what seems like mutual enjoyment over touching one another's hands.

Charlie and Holden are (mostly) getting along too — she makes him breakfast, is glad to hear that he's exploring his powers, and decides that he owes her some nachos. Unfortunately, those nachos are made at the bowling alley, which is the same place where Willa and Luke are playing Mortal Kombat. They all see each other, because of course they do, and the fun pretty much ends.

Though both Willa and Luke rake Holden over the burning bedposts for continually making everything about him, Charlie voraciously defends him, reminding them both that Holden's situation is far from normal. She makes very, very good points. By the end of the very tense game/four-way argument, Willa has discovered the truth about when Holden really lost his virginity — it was not with her a few episodes ago, it was with Charlie last season.

Holden and Willa are on very shaky ground, made all the shakier because they both seem to be getting along better with other people. The actors behind the characters, on the other hand, are thankfully getting along just fine. In our exclusive behind-the-scenes look above, watch Burkely Duffield (Holden), Dilan Gwyn (Willa), Eden Brolin (Charlie), and Jonathan Whitesell (Luke) discuss the filming of the bowling alley scene, and how the location provided some extracurricular fun in the form of both bowling and arcade games.

Beyond- Holden and Charlie in bowling alley

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Though this not-so-fantastic foursome's drama made up most of the episode, it wasn't the whole thing. We meet Edgar Abbot (the guy who has his name on the unearthed fridge in the woods), and he turns out to be a mental patient who mutters Holden's name. In this week's edition of Creep Corner With Pastor Ian, we discover that the Pastor has wired the Matthews house full of cameras, prompting Holden's dad to visit him. And Tom beats the snot out of Creepmaster Ian in a highly satisfying way.

None of that shows us why the bowling alley is wrecked, though — and that's because they saved it for the very end. Holden is doing some late-night solo bowling (like you do) when he is rudely interrupted by an assailant. His attacker is none other than the murderous Diego, who has arrived in town at last. The two of them use their respective powers to battle it out, with Holden utilizing his telekinetic talents to hurl every bowling ball in the place right at Diego. Just as they are running right at each other, the episode ends.

We'll have to wait until next week to see how things turn out — Beyond will be back next Thursday at 8 p.m. on Freeform, and as usual, we'll have another exclusive behind-the-scenes clip the next morning.

In the meantime, feel free to speculate away! Will Holden be able to keep Diego at bay? Is Luke the worst brother of all time, or just pretty bad? Is Charlie back for good? Did they need the White Russian reference, or were we already getting The Big Lebowski vibes purely because it was a bowling alley? Let us know in the comments!