Exclusive Behind the Scenes: Beyond's Holden vs. Diego

Beyond exclusive: behind the scenes of the Season 2 finale

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Mar 23, 2018, 6:51 PM EDT (Updated)

Believe it or not, this season of Beyond has come to a close. Some storylines were wrapped up, but others were left wide open. It's time to venture into the beyond... one last time.

From this point on, there WILL BE SPOILERS for Beyond Season 2, especially the Season 2 finale.

Everybody ready? Let's fridge it.

The finale, titled "There's No Home for You Here," began right where we left off last week — Holden, his parents, and Charlie are all in the Matthews house, and Diego and his band of coma patients are descending upon them. Tom and Diane take a quick moment to process the fact that Holden has superpowers (as evidenced by Pastor Ian's video, which is still playing) before they all get going on barricading the house.

It's not long until Diego breaks through, because of course he does. Tom foolishly attacks him, and Diego stabs him in the gut before shooting him point blank in the head. Thankfully for Tom, Holden's powers extend to bullet trajectories. None of the shots hit their mark, and Tom is okay. Stabbed, but alive.

Charlie gets Tom and Diane to the basement, and that's when Holden and Diego really throw down. In our final, exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the season, actor Burkely Duffield (Holden) explains how they pulled off the very physical fight, almost wrecking the Matthews house in the process.

Holden seems to come out on top, until Diego escapes into Holden's mind. Didn't know he could do THAT, did you? Holden knows it's only a matter of time before Diego gets out, so he and Charlie hightail it back to the fridge. Diego starts to peek out a little, but Charlie gets this Holden/Diego hybrid into the fridge. We're loving her more and more.

Though none of the sci-fi machinery from last week is powering it, the fridge still transports Holden and Diego... somewhere. We're not sure where, but it is underwater, and likely Realm-related. Holden manages to escape Diego and return to the surface, before slamming the fridge closed. Diego is, most thankfully, gone. Crisis averted.

OR IS IT? On the other side of the show, fake Agent Borden reveals herself to be someone named Eleanor Kurtz. She's about to have a shootout with Yellow Jacket Man and the rest of Hollow Sky, but they are all interrupted when Luke and Willa burn the place down. Yellow Jacket Man manages to escape with Frost, and surprise! Frost is awake. This isn't going to be good for anyone.

Luke and Willa share one of their patented hand-holding moments while watching Hollow Sky burn down, and this brings us to our fairly new segment, RELATIONSHIP WATCH 3000. Luke and Willa have a talk, and Willa tells Luke that she's into him. In that way. Luke actually does a good thing for once, and tells her that he can't do anything until she talks to Holden. Way to go, Luke! By the way, Holden almost died. Just so you know. One Duck Hunt reference does not a hero make, Luke.

There was little movement on the Holden/Charlie front, but things DO seem to be looking up for Tom and Diane, and it's about time. Though things seem pretty much over for Willa and Holden (she tells Luke that Holden was a part of something she doesn't want anymore, ouch), she's still gotta talk to him if things are gonna get going with Luke. Naturally, she calls him.

Their talk is pretty awkward, and we suddenly become aware that they've been separated for most of this season's major events. The season began with such promise for the two of them, and look what happened. They start to talk things out, until Willa realizes that something is wrong. She sees a dead body, Arthur is missing, and whoops! Here's Agent Borden, sorry, Eleanor Kurtz, putting an ether-soaked rag over Willa's face. We know that Kurtz is interested in Arthur and very interested in the Realm (as well as the global issues of overpopulation) — it would seem that abducting Willa is a way to get what she wants.

Diego might be gone, but Frost is awake. Hollow Sky has burned down, but "Eleanor Kurtz" turned out to be the stealth heel of the entire season. Just goes to show you: Never trust anyone who puts Yoo-Hoo in their coffee. Never ever.

Pastor Ian? Not in this episode.

Will Holden and company save Willa? What exactly is Kurtz planning? What fresh hell will Frost and Yellow Jacket Man cook up? We have no idea. We'll have to wait for Beyond Season 3, and as the show hasn't been renewed yet, that's not guaranteed.

With that, it's time to wrap up our Beyond Season 2 coverage. We hope that you've enjoyed our behind-the-scenes looks and going beyond Beyond with us each week. If you'll excuse us, it's now time to lock ourselves in the fridge until next season. Here's hoping that it comes. Rama-lama-ding-dong.